Company History

AboutImg2Before opening Seymour’s Wrecker Service in 1965, John Seymour had a taxicab company — Veteran’s Cab — in 1946. He met and married Dorothy “Dot” Barrett in 1948 and she became his dispatcher. In the late 1950’s John bought a Gulf service station. Dot continued to run taxis while John ran the station. March 13, 1960, he sold Veteran Cab and the Gulf station to open a Sinclair Station in downtown Commerce.

He was a good mechanic and at times would wash as many as 100 cars on Saturdays. Sinclair’s was open seven days a week, 7am until 11pm. John ran the business while Dot did the books and answered the phone. He purchased his first wrecker in 1965. By mid 1970, John sold the station to move the garage and wrecker service to its current location.

John and Dot were blessed with five children, four daughters and a son, Mitch. The children grew up at the family business. Mitch developed the same passion for the business that his father had. Mitch and his wife Sonya are now the owners of Seymour’s.

Mitch married his wife, Sonya in July 1992. Sonya became part of the family business with John and Mitch, She answered phones, dispatched calls and did the accounting.
John remained an active part of the business and continued to run rollback calls at age 82. Unfortunately a stroke prevented him from continuing to do the job he loved. John was born January 19, 1926 and passed away November 7, 2011.

Today, Mitch and Sonya continue to run Seymour’s Wrecker Service. They have grown the business to six locations with 22 employees and a fleet of trucks and equipment.

Professional Wrecker Service Quickly, Efficiently and Safely!

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